Private Yoga Therapy for Mental Health | Yoga therapy classes and courses for stress, depression and anxiety in Croydon

Private Yoga Therapy for Mental Health

Private yoga therapy sessions offer dedicated, individual attention for those who have unique needs or would like to work with specific mental health issues. They offer an opportunity to build together, over time, a yoga therapy programme designed especially for you.

If you have a chronic physical injury, private sessions are recommended so that you can work at your own pace and develop something that can really work for you.

Private yoga therapy is suitable for people suffering from conditions such as: stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, post traumatic stress disorder, bipolar and OCD. 

Teachings are supplemented with homework to help you build a regular self-practice.

The usefulness of yoga as a practical tool to take into everyday life increases in proportion to familiarity with the techniques taught. A minimum of six yoga therapy sessions is recommended in order to allow you to acquire a basic embodied memory of the key practices.

Your first class is a 90 minute session which gives ample time for an in depth consultation. Subsequent classes are an hour long.



Single Class £70 per hour
Block of 6 Classes (paid in advance) £60 per hour
Initial 90 minute session £70



Inspiral Yoga Therapy is based in Croydon. Locations for private yoga sessions in South London, Surrey and Kent are possible. Locations further afield can be discussed. 

For further information please phone Jackie on 07905 878610

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