Yoga Therapy for Stress | Yoga therapy classes and courses for stress, depression and anxiety in Croydon

Yoga Therapy for Stress

Stress is an unavoidable part of everyday life and is a mechanism that is essential for our survival. Whilst an acute experience of a stressful situation is not harmful, turning on the stress response for months on end poses a threat to our survival.

Stress keeps the body in a constant state of alertness and defensive action, increasing wear and tear on biological systems, increasing vulnerability to illness and compromising the body’s ability to repair itself and defend against disease. It contributes to a vast range of illness and disease and has the potential to trigger and escalate mental illness, with stress often progressing to anxiety and depression.

Unfortunately many people have learned to accept chronic stress as the norm and rarely take positive action to address it until serious, sometimes irreversible imbalances have been set up in the physical body or they experience some form of mental breakdown.

Yoga for the Mind can help us regain a sense of control in both our bodies and our minds, offering a balanced system of practices to help us cope with everyday stresses and relax us when difficult situations arise. Yoga postures and breathwork practices soothe, rebalance and retrain the nervous system so that it can better manage stress. Mindfulness practices allow us to regulate our response to our perceived stressors and can transform our attitude and outlook on our lives.

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