Client Feedback

"After undertaking some CBT for my depression, this course was the most constructive activity I have undertaken in clearing my depression and improving my physical well being. My family and friends all have noticed a remarkable improvement in my mood and behaviour. At the end of the eight week course I am a different person to the one who nervously walked into the yoga centre".


"Yoga has been a part of my life for around six years now. I had touched on meditation but felt it was very difficult to do and to maintain. Yoga for the mind has brought together all I have ever learnt and believe in and given me such a locked in understanding that has aided my thinking and ability to live my life the way I have always wanted to with patience, love and understanding of myself and others. As I suffer from both anxiety and depression I tend to blend into the background and believe everybody else’s voice and needs to be more important than mine. In this course you are so heard and helped in your learning and it is taught in such a calm, patient and gentle way".


"The meditation practice is fantastic, I’ve been attempting to meditate for some time and it can be challenging when you are highly anxious. YFTM gave me easy steps to follow that were simple and very effective. Finally the breathing techniques have given me calmness that I haven’t felt in a very long time".


"I found that I really looked forward to coming to class for the yoga and I also really enjoyed the group discussion/general conversation with people who understand exactly the challenges you face and that you can have an intelligent discussion about your condition and not be judged, at all. So I personally enjoyed the talking aspects of the class as it gave me a deeper understanding of why I may be suffering and more importantly how to fix this".

“This is very accessible for complete beginners, while at the same time providing opportunities for further development to those already familiar with yoga and meditation”.


“I liked the overall structure and progression, as well as the pacing and variety during the classes”.


"I feel the course has given me much better body awareness and I am more able to link and understand the sensations in my body to my emotional state. I will certainly be more aware of "gut" or bodily instinct in future".


 "Your teaching has enabled me to really understand the true concept of yoga being the union of mind, body and breath. This is a concept which I have struggled to grasp up to now. Previously when practicing yoga I would not take time to focus on my breath or mind, but now I feel that there is no point doing the postures just on their own".


 "I am so pleased I attended the course and saw it through after my first couple of ‘wobbly’ weeks – and I couldn’t have persevered without the gentle kindness and encouragement of Jackie".


 "The weekly self practice homework was a very valuable exercise as it set discipline and gave the opportunity to understand oneself".


“There were times when ‘being’ felt so good that I wished I could have stayed in that room for all eternity”.


 “I think the Ujjayi breath is the most calming and I find myself sometimes doing it automatically”.


"The deep breath is now something that I use on a daily basis (on the train, while waiting in a queue etc…) to bring some sense of calm to my mental state".


"I always felt my mood shifted after the class".


"Connecting to my breathing was quite revolutionary for me"


"I will continue to use the practices and techniques learnt on the course to help me through my life. It was really useful to learn about which postures help you to feel more grounded and which ones help trigger the relaxation system".


Its been very helpful in learning how to use physical practise to calm the mind and body, which can help regulate mood".


"It is a very clear, focused and practical course with an abundance of information in it".


"The teaching was very calm, clear, supportive and professional".


"The fact that it lasted 8 weeks was good because it allowed time to get into a routine of doing the practices".

"I finally understand that sitting in meditation is not about starting a battle with your mind and your thoughts, but more about acceptance and focus".


I liked the very clear, consistent format of the class and having the manual to accompany it". 

"I liked that within the group we had the freedom to ask questions and to speak as invited, or not, without recrimination".


"I feel I have something I can use now, learn from and develop in the future". 


"I liked the very structured approach of the course".


I enjoyed the calm atmosphere and gentle encouragement that allowed everyone to progress at their own pace".


"Jackie is very friendly and approachable and I felt I was in a safe enviroment all along".


"I liked the small group and nurturing environment. The encouragement to set your own limits".


"I felt help was on hand whenever I needed it".


I''m amazed that I could fall asleep on my mat. I’m not normally able to sleep anywhere other than bed.